Welcome friends to a roller coaster ride or maybe a grand adventure!

God Redeems Roller Coaster Rides

I’m glad you’re here because quite honestly, a roller coaster ride can make a person feel all the feels!

Life is finally settling down after a 12-year roller coaster ride! A ride that had me on the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I’m thankful the ride has stopped and I’m allowed to get off.

And I’m really excited to see how God intends to use the roller coaster ride — or more specifically, how He intends to redeem it.     

roller coast ride

Quite honestly, for most of the ride, I was white-knuckling and screaming my head off.

The Recovery Years

But now, there’s some distance between me and the recovery years, I can see how God taught me to surrender, trust, and believe in Him. He’s the only One able to keep me from falling.

God calmed my dark night, while speaking peace to my troubled heart.

The roller coaster ride is where I learned to say, “Help me, I can’t do this alone.” It’s also where I heard whispers echoing back to me, “I am here, child, trust Me.”

It is time to tell my story. God lifted me out from a pit of despair and set me back on a steady path that led me into a life worth living. All of the devastating turns and discouraging paths I’ve navigated through don’t matter, because today I live in joy and peace. I don’t focus on the past and look forward, expectantly to my future!

Find me here each week, doing the 2 Corinthians 1:4 thing:


Pretty cool, huh? 

All That to Say : Welcome!

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Last summer, while recuperating from several torn ligaments in my wrist, I wrote out and prayed daily for my children, grandchildren, and the people in my life who need to know that Jesus can bring hope and encouragement through salvation.   

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