Month: September 2016

Agony and Triumph – Uninvited Journey Through Grief

Declining the Uninvited Journey Through Grief No one asked me if I wanted to be on this road, this uninvited journey through grief.  No one asked if I minded or if I felt strong enough for a tragedy. Not only did no one ask, and I didn’t really even have a choice. I was on a road I never wanted to travel.  We don’t really get to choose these roads, do we? On February 5, 2004,  I woke up a wife and someone’s soul mate and went to bed a widow and all alone. My still beating heart ripped in half and I...

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The Worrisome Burden of a Weary Heart

Showdown at the Worrisome Burden Corral I had a worrisome burden almost take me under a couple of months ago. It was silly, no, it was arrogant of me, to think I could keep going at the pace I’d been going for so many months. Oh, believe me when I tell you that it was needed thing, good things that kept my plate full. Important things that couldn’t be forgotten, delegated or dropped that kept the worrisome burden tethered tightly around my neck. Until it almost choked me. At the point of near collapse I was forced to stop.  I could...

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