Showdown at the Worrisome Burden Corral

I had a worrisome burden almost take me under a couple of months ago. It was silly, no, it was arrogant of me, to think I could keep going at the pace I’d been going for so many months.

Oh, believe me when I tell you that it was needed thing, good things that kept my plate full. Important things that couldn’t be forgotten, delegated or dropped that kept the worrisome burden tethered tightly around my neck. Until it almost choked me.

At the point of near collapse I was forced to stop.  I could finally pause because I couldn’t go any longer.

The merry-go-round was still spinning round and round but I managed to pull myself to the side, slide my leg over the edge and plunged my foot down to the ground, with my toe dragging to bring the ride to a halt.

This worrisome burden was going to be dropped off at the nearest mercy station–the foot of the cross.

Worrisome Burden Destroyer- New Mercies, Every Morning!

I hit the wall and  in tears, I cried out to the Father. It never matters how many times I cry out to Him, He always hears and attends to my cries.

When I calmed down, He gently whispered to me, “You know, I’m much more interested in you taking my hand and trusting me in this situation rather than you stressing out and fretting over what you can’t do anyway.”

I was like a child hearing affirming words from a parent. He wasn’t mad, disappointed or angry.

“Julie, focus on what you can do and take Me there with you. I’m much more concerned with your presence, than your being perfect.”

wearisome burden

What?  Oh, wow! I guess I was upset with myself and over-burdened because I couldn’t get it right and I felt alone. (more on presence instead of perfection)

What I learned by sitting still and listening that afternoon after crashing was invaluable to me.  You see God values constancy, my faithfulness to Him, being dependable, walking with Him daily, not just showing up when I need a quick favor or pat on the head.

I don’t have to walk in weariness.  I can rest and thrive instead of freak out and strive. God doesn’t want me striving, plain and simple.

He has abundant life for us and that doesn’t include striving, trying to make our life work! 


4 Steps – Rolling Over Worrisome Burdens

So, how did I lift the worrisome burden and weariness funk? 

1- Pull in Closer – Instead of running away, hiding/getting busier and striving more, I invited God into my strife and told him I was sorry.  Father, I know my life doesn’t look so good right now.  I repent and ask you to forgive me.

2- Ask for His help –  After my heart is clean, I ask God to help me sort it all out, help me make sense of it all, especially how I got into this rough patch and more importantly, how do I stay out! 

3- Rest, Rest, Rest – I’ve been practicing the fine art of unplugging and thinking about nothing but Him. Some people call this soaking. I get in a comfortable chair or lay down in my house. Recently I’ve been getting in my hot tub, (has a 15 minute time which helps me stay at least that long) and makes the whole soaking concept especially real!  🙂 

4- Look for the Testimony – So, what has come from all of this?  A new testimony. I sought the Lord and He heard my cry and delivered me from all of my fear. 

My journey with Jesus is about me laying down my life and choosing Him everyday.  Letting Him complete the good work He’s begun and trusting Him with transforming me into what He’s had in mind all along.